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It Started Social

At Social House Vodka, we believe that the American spirit brings people together from diverse backgrounds to enjoy and share life, creating great moments. It was this spirit that initially attracted our diverse group to North Carolina. It’s what brought us together and why we created Social House Vodka.

The Social Idea

While it’s the people we’re with and the experiences we enjoy that leave the strongest impression, for us, these gatherings are never complete without sharing our mutual love of vodka.

How It's Made

We knew our vodka needed to be authentic—to be, rather than to seem. That’s why we very purposefully choose sustainable ingredients from local North Carolina growers and suppliers that we know and trust. We strive to be model corporate citizens, investing in our community and supporting responsible drinking programs locally and nationwide.

If you’re in a hurry, scroll on to quickly learn our process. But, if you click here, you’ll learn how on earth our vodka is so damn good.

No. 1 Sourcing

When it comes to vodka, the quality of your ingredients directly impacts that quality of vodka you make. We source our corn locally, from a farmer who plants non-GMO corn. (Because we use corn, our vodka is also gluten free.)

No. 2 Mashing & Fermenting

It’s here that we use enzymes to break down our corn’s starches into fermentable sugar, creating wort.

After mashing, the wort is sent to specialized fermentation tanks. Here added yeast feeds off the sugars, leaving us with low-wine (water, ethanol, and some congeners).

No. 3 Distilling, Blending, Filtering

This is where things get complex. When people say their vodka is craft, they mean it’s made by specialists trained in all the subtleties and nuances distilling entails. Our highly skilled distillery artisans put great care into making our vodka remarkable. Our low-wine is converted into high-wine (96% alcohol by volume) in our pot still. Using the ultra-pure water from the Black Creek aquifer, we blend our high-wine to bring its ABV down from 192 proof to 80 proof.

No. 4 Enjoying

Lastly, we use our proprietary six-step filtration with activated carbon to remove any impurities and remaining congers. After all of this, we taste our vodka, making sure it’s perfect for you. Enjoy responsibly.

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Distillery Address

906 W Atlantic Avenue
Kinston, NC 28501
(252) 208-0353

Raleigh Office Address

555 Fayetteville St
Raleigh, NC 27601
(919) 980-1033