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The New American Spirit

The American spirit is rooted in the principles of hard work, determination, and a real dedication to quality. While these core tenets ‘haven’t changed for hundreds of years, America has. At SOCIAL HOUSE® vodka, we believe that the new face of America takes these beliefs and builds on them. Rather than an individualistic approach, the new American spirit brings people together from diverse backgrounds to achieve the same goals of working hard, overcoming the odds, and creating something that everyone can be proud to label “American Made.” It was this revitalized spirit that initially attracted our diverse group to North Carolina. ‘It’s how we found each other and why we created SOCIAL HOUSE® vodka, putting into action our fundamental theory that, by combining the best of people and the best of ingredients, we can make an American vodka that invites us all to share in this new spirit.

Part of our goal with SOCIAL HOUSE® vodka is to inspire change in the way we work and live. Across America, friends, colleagues, and neighbors gather much as we do in small local watering holes, restaurants, parks, and backyards.

‘There’s nothing better than getting together and catching up with one another. No agenda, no pretense – just a moment to relax and be yourself.

While the people ‘we’re with and the experiences we enjoy together leave the strongest impression, for us, these gatherings are never complete without sharing in our mutual love of vodka. After one such occasion, it suddenly struck us: wherever we are, as long as we have a group of friends nearby and a trusted vodka in hand, ‘we’ve found our Social House. Wanting to share the joy of these seemingly small moments on a larger scale, we made the perfect complement to great times with great people — the new standard for high-quality American vodka, which we named “SOCIAL HOUSE®.”

To be rather than to seem. We take that very seriously at SOCIAL HOUSE® Vodka. We ‘don’t want to seem like a great American vodka; we want to be a great American vodka. ‘That’s why we very purposefully choose sustainable ingredients from local North Carolina growers and suppliers that we know and trust. Our distillery sources water via the Black Creek aquifer to ensure that the flavors of these exceptional ingredients come through in your glass. ‘It’s here that water has filtered through fine salt and pepper sands for tens of thousands of years before making its way into our stills. This natural filtration process allows us to make a vodka of unsurpassed purity and flavor. We not only care about what goes into our vodka; we care about what comes after it as well. As a net-zero operation, we power our distillery with excess organic material and supply our local farming partners with the rest. We measure true success by more than just a robust bottom line. ‘That’s why we strive to be model corporate citizens, investing in our community, and supporting responsible drinking programs locally and abroad.

“To be rather than to seem”– ‘it’s the SOCIAL HOUSE® way.

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