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Three Friends

Cary Joshi, G Patel, and Mark Mullins began this journey believing that when good friends come together, great things can happen. Whether enjoying a nice dinner, attending each other’s family events, or catching up to talk shop, the three realized it’s the shared moments, big and small, that forge life’s best memories.

Oh, they also really like vodka—it just made sense.

Working Together

They each put a lot of passion into their work, personal relationships, and experiences. Cary, G, and Mark all want Social House Vodka to embody that. If they can create something special that complements time with friends—sharing a laugh, toasting a milestone, kicking back for some rest and relaxation—that’s a wonderful thing to be a part of.


Their Dream

At Social House Vodka, we believe that the American spirit brings people together from diverse backgrounds to enjoy life, share in special moments, and create greatness by working together toward common goals that make our lives and communities better for all.

We stand by building a brand that people can passionately adore and rally behind. Our dream is this: helping you create, discover, experience, and better enjoy life with your family and friends. It’s about spreading the power of friendship through Social House moments.

No. 1 Who we are

Cary, G, and Mark collectively share vast experience across the business world, spirits industry, and restaurant scene. They’ve put together a team of like-minded people that shine above the rest in their field, whether that’s marketing, sales, distillation, or finance, Social House Vodka has a roster full of all-stars.

No. 2 What we're doing

We’re not just making vodka here—and we’re not downplaying that. It’s hard work! But we’re doing something far greater than that. We’re building a brand that prioritizes people and social good.

No. 3 Why we're doing it

Our communities have done so much for us, and it’s our responsibility to pour our energy back into them, supporting the growth, development, and advancement we’re leaving for generations to come.

No. 4 The Future

What’s next? Well, we definitely have some ideas. But first things first, go and get yourself some vodka.

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Distillery Address

906 W Atlantic Avenue
Kinston, NC 28501
(252) 208-0353

Raleigh Office Address

555 Fayetteville St
Raleigh, NC 27601
(919) 980-1033