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SOCIAL HOUSE® Vodka is a perfect vodka superior in both substance and style.  It's handcrafted on the foundation of quality ingredients, naturally purified water, and with the artistry of its unique American heritage. Its smooth taste and purity make it the perfect choice for making cocktails or sipping straight over ice.  

SOCIAL HOUSE® is North Carolina ABC's #1 selling craft vodka distilled in our state since our inception (2017, 2018, 2019, 2020).   

At SOCIAL HOUSE®, we believe that the American spirit brings people together from diverse backgrounds to enjoy life, share in special moments, and create greatness by working together toward common goals that make our lives and communities better for all.

At SOCIAL HOUSE®, we want everyone to enjoy these moments so we work on the following 4 key areas:  

  • Live Socially. We focus on creating experiences, both large and small, dedicated to celebrating moments with friends and family by establishing a widespread community who get together to share their experiences, hopes and stories. 
  • Artfully Crafted Spirits. We are focused on the craft of making premium vodka, by carefully selecting high-quality ingredients and adhering to rigorous production standards with a commitment to sustainability. 
  • Giving Back. We focus on giving back and serving others through the dedication of our time, integrating service into our activities, and the act of giving to non-profit charities and causes. 
  • Responsibility. We aim to be a leading model of corporate responsibility by focusing on environmental sustainability, and cultural diversity.

When friends come together, great things happen. Small moments become memories, and grand plans come together to make the world a better place. SOCIAL HOUSE® Vodka makes these moments more enjoyable and memorable—creating “SOCIAL HOUSE® Moments” for friends to enjoy and look forward to for a lifetime.

Live Socially, Enjoy Responsibly!™

The PumpHouse 1906™ business hours are as follows:

Cocktail Lounge: 

Thursday - Saturday 5 pm - 12 am

Sunday  12 pm - 6 pm

Scheduled Tours Only: 

Friday - Sunday: 12 pm - 4 pm


906 Atlantic Ave, Kinston, NC 28501
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