Handcrafted NC Vodka Shares Its Distillery Secrets

SOCIAL HOUSE® Vodka has deep roots in Kinston, North Carolina. We pride ourselves for being an American-made vodka, with only the purest ingredients. Because of these ingredients, what results is a deliciously smooth and clean taste that will have you coming back for more.

SOCIAL HOUSE® Vodka | Distillery Kinston NC

The beautiful SOCIAL HOUSE® Vodka packaging that you see on our products is sourced locally as well. Not only do we distill our premium vodka in North Carolina, we bottle it locally, never leaving the facility. Three Stacks Distilling Company, a popular destination for distillery tours North Carolina, is where our vodka is bottled in Kinston, NC. Our company was constructed inside a historic power plant, originally built in 1906. Three Stacks Distilling Company sits on the banks of the Neuse River, nestled in Eastern North Carolina’s hidden gem. Why did we choose the distillery that sits upon the banks of Kinston’s famous Neuse River, you ask? We’ve got the lowdown on why that is - and it has everything to do with the pure taste of our premium craft vodka.

What’s in the Water?

SOCIAL HOUSE® Vodka | Distillery Kinston NC

The key to SOCIAL HOUSE® Vodka is what’s in the water. No, we don’t add anything to it - the secret lies with what’s already there! Our vodka is exquisite because of the pure water source that we use. We draw from naturally purified American water from two on-site deep-water wells. These wells are the Black Creek Aquifer, running from Rocky Mount, NC, through Kinston. 

This water is exceptional. It’s filtered through fine salt and pepper sands for tens of thousands of years before even making its way to Kinston, North Carolina. You won’t find water like this in any other vodka.

SOCIAL HOUSE® Vodka | Craft Vodka

This filtration system preserves and enriches the purity and the flavor of the water. It’s what contributes to the complex, yet smooth taste of our special NC vodka. You may be wondering how the source of the water impacts the taste of the vodka. Well, it has to do with the hydraulically connected materials. This is the well’s composition. In the Black Creek Aquifer, those materials are sand, limestone, and fractured rock. The aquifer, located in the coastal plains region of North Carolina, is composed of very fine sand, known as salt and pepper sands.

What’s the Difference?

Water is the key ingredient in vodka, making up approximately 60% of the finished product. This is why water quality is so critical to us at SOCIAL HOUSE® Vodka. While we use naturally filtered water from an aquifer, not all other vodka companies do. Other companies use filtered city water or distilled water. That’s what makes our NC vodka so unique.

Filtered City Water Vs. Distilled Water

Filtered city water is the standard tap water that you drink from if you live within city limits. While this water is safe to drink, it has a multitude of other ingredients that keeps it from being pure. City filtered water is treated with chemical combinations of chlorine, fluoride, and chloramines to neutralize bacteria and viruses. 

While this is a good thing, the problem with the added compounds occurs when it’s mixed with organic compounds. This combination can create disinfection by-products. Other issues with city filtered water include water hardness and the contamination of heavy metals. These metals can sneak into your drinking water whilst traveling the aging pipes - not something you particularly want in your vodka either. 

Distilled water is different. With distilled water, more steps and precautions are taken to ensure the water quality is pristine. In the process of the distillation of water, water is boiled into a vapor and condensed back down to a liquid in a separate container. The impurities from the pre-treated water that do not boil remain in the original container, while the purified water that is brought back down to a condensation is separated. While this water definitely ensures that there are much fewer impurities in the water, it characteristically lacks flavor. There are no natural minerals to flavor the water. 

Our aquifer filtration system is what makes our NC vodka so unique. The water makes its way through the aquifer, taking tens of thousands of years to reach the point at which we source our water for our NC vodka

SOCIAL HOUSE® Vodka | Kinston, NC

We pride ourselves in our distillation process and what our vodka is made from. Not only do we take meticulous care of our process, but we also ensure that the quality of our ingredients are of the highest degree. Our unique distillation process is punctuated by the Black Creek Aquifer. Its unique and delicate filtration process is what makes the taste of our SOCIAL HOUSE® Vodka so smooth. Add the sweet corn, and SOCIAL HOUSE® Vodka turns into a refreshing sip with a hint of sweetness at the finish. If you’d like to learn more about our products, you can visit our website or visit your local ABC store.